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Hi, I am Mathew D. Moore a certified real estate agent and broker. I lived in Scottsdale and I provide service for different cities in Arizona as well as neighboring states. I studied and graduated in University of Scottsdale majoring in Business Management degree. I build my real estate career for over 10 years and can accompany a lot of certificates and licenses that may works and deals are legal and authentic.

At early age, I loved working at our farm with my father. I have 3 younger siblings and currently they are now professional in their own fields. I am happily married for 8 years with 2 sons and a daughter. Our family recreational activity was always fishing and mall shopping.

Working on real estate industry is very fun, it seems difficult at first but eventually become easier as time goes by. I met a lot of people on different fields and learn from them with their own perspective. I can proudly say that I am very happy and achieved a lot of goals in life and in my profession.

I decided to start building this blog as my way of helping and reaching a lot of people bring useful information about real estate. I made this blog to focus best houses and tips you can get in Arizona area. So if you are living in Scottsdale AZ or near the place, then this blog is best for you. You can definitely find a lot of useful guide that you must learn in dealing with real estate agents and other real estate firms.