Best Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

We detail some of the best marketing strategies for real estate, valid strategies to increase sales and real estate leases, and perfect strategies to promote real estate.

Advertise in Google Ads

Competition in the real estate sector is high, and therefore, on some occasions, it is necessary to bet on pay-per-click strategies in Google Ads to appear in the first search results.

What to do to advertise on Google Ads?

  1. Campaigns by location: if you sell or rent properties in different locations, you can carry out campaigns in each of these locations advertising the properties you want to sell or rent. 
  2. Campaigns by property type: you can also carry out campaigns by property type, for example, for homes with three bathrooms, homes with a terrace, homes with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, and so on.
  3. Ad copy: creating good ad copy is key to capturing the potential customer’s attention. 
  4. Keyword selection: select very specific keywords to filter the ad so that only really interested people can see it. 

Offer quality content

As we have mentioned before, if you correctly define your buyer persona, you will offer relevant content for that person, content that will resolve doubts about the purchase or rental procedures. Some of these contents can be a glossary of terms used to sell homes, necessary documentation, and even contents about financial information. We must strive to keep our audience educated with useful and quality information!

Virtual reality

Incorporating it into any strategy is a great time saving because it allows potential clients to see the property as if they were inside it, discarding many homes at first to focus on visiting those that interest you.

Work on SEO positioning 

SEO is a marketing strategy that focuses on positioning a web page in the first search results. The higher, the better! Its main objective is to turn a web page into an asset that attracts visits, and that those visits translate into sales.

Email marketing

Email marketing can help real estate to attract new subscribers. It is very important to segment emails well and pay special attention to the frequency of sending and content. Regarding the frequency, various studies affirm that more than 80% of users prefer to receive advertising in the mail only once a month, while only 15% say that they prefer to receive it every day.

Video marketing

In this sector, what is important are the images of the properties. Much more than good descriptions. However, it is a video that exceeds texts and images, undoubtedly because they can capture the attention of potential customers.

Take advantage of social networks.

Social networks are the perfect platform to show homes, real estate philosophy, relevant content for the target audience, etc. Social networks have a great capacity for audience segmentation, so the strategies implemented are usually very successful. However, all the campaigns carried out must be very well cared for and must provide quality content, videos, testimonials, advice, etc.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is a marketing strategy that is realized in this instant messaging application to promote sales. It begins to be used in many sectors as a communication channel with customers and for the sale and promotion of products and services. In the real estate sector, it was not going to be less! WhatsApp Marketing has been a great advance in the real estate sector because it not only allows you to strengthen ties with potential clients, it also allows you to offer them information instantly, photos, videos of properties, etc.

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