To achieve a successful real estate investment, it is very important to take into account that today, there are relevant tax incentives that are offered to investors who buy real estate. Foreign investment is always welcome and can be freely transferred, which is always positive since there are no major problems for foreigners.

Caution and reflection are the qualities of every great investor.

Find out about the characteristics, conditions, and opportunities of your real estate investment. It never hurts to consult with experts, read recent news, and study the profile of the project’s creators.

Invest in planes

Take into account that the prices in the real estate sector fluctuate less, they do it at a slower speed, and the falls are less drastic than other types of investments. Although it is true that buying on plans is a little riskier due to the maturation times of the projects, they are always more profitable than making the purchase of an already built property.

Discover your investor profile.

They say there are three types of investors: the cautious, the risky, and the saver. The cautious take moderate risks; the risky take great risks, and the savers prefer the security that the utility.

Rate the time factor.

Remember that real estate investment takes time. It is a long-term investment that generally does not begin to pay off before the age of five.

Study the location. Find out about the medium and long-term plans of the area where the property you plan to buy is located. In this way, you can evaluate the development and value of the sector in the future.

Determine the use of your investment.

In real estate, you usually win on two sides. On the one hand, there is the valuation of the property and on the other, the annual net income. In the case of buying a home, reflect calmly on the use of it, will it be to live there or to rent it?

Study the type of property.

There are several real estate options. The first to come out on top of the housing, but there are also commercial and industrial properties. Real estate investment for commercial use is the most profitable option since those who occupy the property do so to generate profits.

Explore new types of investment.

Traditionally, buying and selling are considered. But, fiduciary rights, collective real estate portfolios, and voluntary pension funds with investments in the real estate sector are currently booming. Fiduciary rights are property titles that, without much capital, allow you to own a percentage of commercial property (for example, a hotel or a shopping center), thus receiving a share for the operation of the property, proportional to the money you have invested, and you don’t have to worry about renting or maintaining the property.

Take the opportunities!

The ideal time to invest in the real estate sector depends on several factors, from politics and the economy (at the most global level) to the particular situation of a family. You can always buy a property at a much lower value if you make a good offer. The properties lower their price for various reasons, but the main one is the lack of demand.

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