10 Keys To A Successful Real Estate Sale

Today, the real estate market is synonymous with new challenges. This real estate market has its own rules, in which the real estate professional cannot be improvised, but an agent of change in constant updating.

There is no doubt that the trained and prepared people who are attentive to close lasting relationships with the client are the ones who best perform their role in front of a property sale.

Check out these ten tips to avoid losing one more sale:

Use a CRM

Today the automation of daily tasks, from the smallest to the most relevant, is a mandatory step in any field of work. A complete and efficient CRM Software will give you the means to accelerate and improve your performance and that of your entire team.

Learn to say NO

The agent must be the one that gives direction to management. Being strict is a sign of seriousness and gives client security. Of course, you should not fall into inflexibility. This rule must be compensated with a strong dose of empathy, attention, and sensitivity to the needs of the client.

Know about direct digital marketing

There are numerous massive promotional platforms that are completely accessible and free, such as social media, for example. They must communicate “live” ads, with videos, interviews, or advice. Ideally, avoid hard and static images.

Your profile

It seeks to develop the following qualities as a professional:

  • Learn from mistakes.
  • Perseverance.
  • Optimism.
  • Know how to listen.
  • Be intuitive and have the ability to improvise.
  • Resistance to difficulty.

Trust vs. exclusiveness

The exclusivity term is key because it gives the client certainty that his place is cared for and valued. But without a doubt that the word trust will make that client stay in the real estate or be supported by a freelance agent.

Technological professionalism

Professionalism is a big word, but very few apply it. It is an attitude rather than a level of training. It involves being impeccable and responsible, speaking what is fair, knowing the economy and strategy, and never leaving the phone off the hook (or silenced). The successful agent, in addition to offering vocational skills, must be aware of technological advances.

Sell the area and not the brick

Where an agent values, categorizes, and offers a home will mark the degree of success or failure of an operation. There are agents who do not prioritize the area and insist on selling the property. Well, what will mark the sale will be the area because it is this that will place the property on the market and project its value over time.

Selection of products

A skilled agency or real estate agent will not accumulate a myriad of non-saleable products but will seek to accumulate an inventory of real estate that represents you. In case you select devalued properties as a sales opportunity, it must be proportional, not flood your portfolio with them.

Ability to project over time

It is good practice for an agency to project and plan over time, both in the short and long term. Define sales expectations for the end of the year, and in the next three. Project the growth of branches, modernization of tools, all aspects neatly ordered over time. And be consistent with that.

The important thing is the person and not the property.

Finally, we highlight a specific focus on the sales process: focus on the customer, whatever they need. Know their expectations and find a middle ground between them and the needs of your agency.

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