Differences Between Real Estate Referral And An Affiliate

A referral applied as a real estate acquisition technique increases your sales channels, so you are more likely to increase your sales. Although a referral is quite similar to an affiliate, there are quite a few differences.

An affiliate is a person regardless of whether they are a friend, family or even an acquaintance who is part of a real estate company or agency on the recommendation of someone who works within.

However, a real estate referral does not work directly or indirectly for a real estate agency or manager. It is rather about using the contacts, friends, or acquaintances that we have in a database to get more sales and contacts.

The good thing about having these two systems, both affiliates and real estate referrals is that it is a relationship in which both parties win.

Thanks to a referral, you can get better results, depending on the work you do, how you contact them and the agreement you make. And as for the owner of the real estate agent or agent, he also wins since the referral can provide other contacts with which you save money by avoiding advertising on other channels and avoiding time publishing on social networks and the Internet.

How to get real estate referrals and contacts?

Currently, there are several methods to get contacts. One of them is the lifelong method, that is, word of mouth. It is about commenting on this option to all the people you know and explaining what you offer. For example, if you sell electronic products, you can tell your customers about a very good offer on a next-generation mobile.

In the case of such real estate, the key is to use all possible channels to generate contacts. As we mentioned before, the classic system is word of mouth and working with the people around you. It is about using the environment and its acquaintances to get customers. In the case of a real estate agent, it is always good to have a couple of apartments for sale or rent at a good price to offer among your friends.

In case they are not interested, they can always meet someone who knows someone else and that among those people is a possible buyer. The good thing about this system is that both parties win since attracting other people and telling them that we are on our side is an opportunity to offer compensation in return in the form of a discount, search service, etc.

Another less classic and more modern way of obtaining referrals is to consult clients of clients through the use of real testimonials. This is where the originality and work capacity of each agent comes into play. For example, imagine that you are a real estate agent and your company has a flat that needs to be sold urgently. If you know people who have many contacts in the network, it is possible that you will sell them faster if you ask for help from the closest customers.

Think of a customer who knows 1,000 people, and those 1,000 people know 1,000 other people. Advertising a property in this way is a way to reach more people using a referral. You can always reward the referral in some way to thank him for putting you in contact with more people.

Remember, capturing people by offering real customer testimonials works. Finally, there are other systems, such as the purchase of databases with contacts of people interested in buying and selling homes in certain areas.

You can also try setting up a digital contest or advertise it on social networks, on a blog, on forums. The possibilities of capturing through the network are almost endless.

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