How To Boost Your Real Estate Sales Cycle?

The important thing, to shorten the real estate sales cycle, is to have a macro and micro vision, to think of the overall coherence of the vehicle while mastering the slightest bolt of the engine. You need to take a comprehensive approach to inbound marketing, so you know who you need to talk to and how you need to do it while looking to become more effective.

  1. Understand your customers

The real estate sales cycle takes into account the different stages of the customer journey. However, in the “customer journey,” the most important term remains “customer,” namely: the person behind the buyer or seller.

You need to know this person to better understand him, and so make the needs of your agency (convert prospects into customers) meet those of your prospects (find the professional who will help them find the property of their dreams. or to sell their property in the best conditions).

  1. Offer personalized experiences

Adaptation: this is the keyword, the absolute key to accelerating the real estate sales cycle. Each prospect wants to be at the center of the professional’s attention; each Internet user who reads a blog article wants it to be addressed directly to him and gives him the impression of having been written specifically with the aim of providing him with the information he expected.

This dimension of personalization is, therefore, essential and must guide all your decisions with regard to the journey of customers, whether sellers or buyers.

A good personalized experience is only possible by combining several approaches:

  • Knowledge of prospects (who are they? What do they need?)
  • Mastery of the customer journey (what media do they use? What types of content do they want to read at such and such a time?)
  • The creation of content capable of meeting needs (in terms of format, length, relevance, etc.)
  • The development of a conversion tunnel (to pass from contacts to prospects, then from prospects to customers )
  • Qualification and follow-up of prospects (using a CRM adapted to your sector of activity )

Of course, you also need the tools to mix these different approaches in real-time without spending entire days there. Hence the need to use process automation.

  1. Automate your marketing actions

Automating tasks helps speed up processes: this is true of any industry, and it is also true of the real estate sales cycle.

Since you need to collect information about your prospects, send them the right content at the right time, follow their progress in the conversion funnel, and organize the distribution of messages according to their position in the purchasing cycle, these End-to-end tasks would be far too time-consuming and require you to spend all of your working time doing just that. At the expense of other daily tasks, including field prospecting and monitoring of mandates.

  1. Offer services that meet the needs of your prospects

All this will remain ineffective, however, if you do not offer relevant and qualitative services. Indeed, your services are the foundation of your marketing strategy, without which it would collapse at the slightest gust of wind.

As soon as the services offered by your agency meet 100% of the needs of your prospects, you increase your chances of convincing them to trust you, and you considerably speed up your real estate sales cycle.

  1. Outsource your marketing strategy to cross the finish line faster than others

It’s all very well, this story of the real estate sales cycle and acceleration. But, for the uninitiated, this advice is not necessarily easy to apply. Carroll Shelby was certainly a very talented automotive engineer, but he was not able to make each of the parts of a car himself; for that, he needed complementary talents, gifted in mechanics. After all, everyone’s job.

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